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Im not sure if this should go under interior or not but here goes. I purchased my truck nov 14 and it is a 14 I think I got a good enough deal for being a last year model (15's were already on the lot)but it never came with a trailer brake controller for the dash (even though the salesman said I was ready to tow my rv) the dealer and salesman are liars but that is another story,we made a trip to see our friends in new york and I stopped at a ram dealer in buffalo and picked up a kit (bracket,module,dash switch,instructions) this install was a walk in the park except for the three screws that hold the bracket to the underside of the dash! Ive worked as a tech in my past life but haven't for a few years now and well lets just say I used a few words for the ram engineers that I don't think they would liked to have heard lol now off to the stealership to get it coded to the computer?? Kit was 250 bucks US, dealership wants 90 bucks Canadian=( I might as well get a 275 dollar oil change at least it will only hurt once=(

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