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Transformed or TransFord, is that a Question?

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SO, there I am, the blithely loyal Ford guy, traded my 10 year old truck for a new one, even kept the same color.
Then, lo and behold, Ford Credit made a change to my lease, and I was suddenly not under a contract, driving a '14 FX4 Eco-Boost Twin Turbo.
On the way to turn it in I stopped by the Dodge Dealer, and tomorrow, THEY will be dropping off the new Ford, because I drove home in a Eco-diesel Laramie Longhorn Crew Cab 4x4.
I sat in my driveway, looking at the double digit mileage, still in awe at the metamorphosis that had just taken place.
Truly, I am a changed man forever.
From the rumble of the engine, to the feel of the wheel, I only played the radio once, preferring quiet solitude while reveling in my epiphany.
How could I have not known about these before?
How long have I been walking in darkness?
It's only 10pm, surely SOMEONE has to be awake, I so have to show this thing off.... Questions with no answers...
I can't think of anything else to say.
My entire universe has just evolved.

Can't I just sleep out here tonight?
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Welcome to the forum. Sound like one happy dude! I had similar emotions when I gave up my gmc. Congrats.
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