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Trouble with DEF fills

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I have 11,000 miles now with about 7000 of those towing according to evic. I have had to fill the DEF 2 times (technically 3 because of my issue but I count the amount of DEF filled on 2 & 3 as one) The first time I filled up at a Flying J and put in around 7-8 gallons and it filled fast with no issues. The 2nd & 3rd time I stopped at a Loves and then a Flying J and both times it filled SLOW. I could not pull the trigger fast or put in locked positions it would just click off. I had to hold it so I could see the pennies climb and was the only way it would go in at all. Both fills took about 10 minutes and I only added 4 gallons both times because my hand was getting sore. I tried adjusting the nozzle in and out to different positions with no luck. Anyone else have this issue? Solutions?
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well I filled again today at a Loves and it worked fine so I guess it was the pumps and not my truck
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