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Truck Finally Arrived after 5 months

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Ordered on July 5, delivered to the dealer October 27. They told me 5 weeks and it was almost 4 months. I think there was a ED/Bench seat resource issue, then it was stopped on quality hold waiting for the latest engine program flash. Here's a picture, right off the delivery truck before PDI. It looked real nice all cleaned up and ready for pick-up. More pic's after my fishing trip this weekend.

Drove home 200kms last night. Looking forward to joining the conversation from an actual owners perspective now.

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Nice truck.

Not completely happy with my bench seat in that it seemed, at first, to bother a nerve in my hip. Think it has something to do with the angle of the bench being just a bit up in position at the front. There's no tilt adjustment for the bench, front to back.

That does not seem to be such an issue now. Either my leg got used to the angle or the padding sagged a bit under my leg position. At one time I stuck a small pillow under the rear of the bench to tilt me forward.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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