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Truck Finally Arrived after 5 months

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Ordered on July 5, delivered to the dealer October 27. They told me 5 weeks and it was almost 4 months. I think there was a ED/Bench seat resource issue, then it was stopped on quality hold waiting for the latest engine program flash. Here's a picture, right off the delivery truck before PDI. It looked real nice all cleaned up and ready for pick-up. More pic's after my fishing trip this weekend.

Drove home 200kms last night. Looking forward to joining the conversation from an actual owners perspective now.

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Too bad you had to wait so long but it makes sense since I heard that demand way outpaced supply for the diesel ram. At least you have it now :D

Now that you have it, are you happy with it? Any problems?
Well the first 450 kms have been problem free. I absolutely love it and can't wait to load it up this weekend and go to the lake with my buds. I haven't gone over it with a fine tooth comb but it has all the options I ordered and there are no obvious paint or other defects.

I'm coming out of a jetta (but I traded a jeep liberty as a tow vehicle) so it's quite different just to drive. I'll report more after a few days with it.

As far as the colour goes, I ordered it that way. I wanted the ED with only SLT features and of course they didn't make many like that in the beginning so I had to do the special order and do the time waiting for it. Now I have exactly what I wanted and more importantly I didn't pay for anything I didn't want.
Congrats!!! You said bench seat? Does that mean you got the bench up front? My dealer told me the Eco's are 5 seater's only as I REALLY wanted to be able to seat 6. Other than that at almost 900mi I am totally happy.
Again Congrats,
Ya, I got the bench in an ED. After I ordered it there was a big delay and I read somewhere that there was a shortage of benchs, or they didn't want to put them in the diesel, or something....Anyway I got it ordered and it was built.

There's another guy on another forum that told me that his dealer told him the same thing about the same time, he ended up with the pentistar engine.

Oh, and while I was picking it up, about three other customers were walking around the lot and zeroed in on it and started asking questions.....The only other Diesel they had was a loaded up LongHorn and there are no deals on that. Full sticker price.
I got the Bench in my Laramie ED to seat 6 for that reason and love it. When seating 5 it still has a HUGE double fold down and padded center arm rest with chargers for the phone and stuff built into it
Ya, that arm rest is fantastic and the storage in it is huge. Best thing is you can fold it up and it's a seat. I love it.
My bench is cloth with manual adjustments.

I had 4 big guys, all over 220lbs, all our gear and a 3500lb boat in my truck for 4 hours coming home on Sunday and it was like being in our living room. Big, quiet, comfortable. Everyone commented on how nice the interior is. and I have the basic cloth bench interior. The truck was easy to drive with lots of power.

I just turned 1000 kms so I didn't worry about fuel consumption until I've run a few tanks through it.

Extremely happy with is so far.

Oh, we froze our fingers off on that lake and caught one nice Musky for our troubles. Pictures later.
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