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Litle thing. Cost just over $80.

Have not set the screens or readouts yet but first and only test showed the CAT temperatures. given more tme I will set it up to show that, voltage, turbo boost, torque, horsepower and fuel pressure on the same screen.

You can read trouble codes and clear them as you would with a scanner. It also deals with fuel conumption timing, fuel pressure and a number of performance options.

Have not mounted or really tested it yet but did just set it on the dash in front of the speedo and used one of the generic screen options.

Also noted in the information that it can read out particulate filter status. Might be very informative to know when a regeneration is coming and watch the temperatures in the CAT as it happens.
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that is very cool. Let us know how you think its working once you use it more
It's working well. Plan on playing with it this week as guests at my house just left. Should have time to play.

Want to see if I can get it to readout the status of the DPF. Directions say it will.
Very nice little package. I'd love to see more.

Here's a regeneration in progress. CAT temperture shows it clearly. They usually start at about 65% DPF clogging. I see this happening about every 200 miles or less.

If you keep the truck above 1500 rpms until it is finished, the regeneraton will drop soot levels in the DPF to 10% or less. If you shut down, it will try again after start-up. Keep running short or briefly and you get a 90% clog notice for a major regeeration on your EVIC.

It's nice to know what's going on.
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