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Can anyone give me an idea how many miles you get to a tank of this stuff? also how bis is the tank? This has been a deal breaker for me on the cummins ever sense the government crack down on after market delete kits.
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Hey guys--thanks for all the great updates and I'll check out that link.

The truck only hit Canadian markets in last few months (availability that is). Unfortunately, I doubt that the DEF at our Walmart, Canadian Tire stores and am told to go to my dealer at 10,000 mile mark for fill up when I do the oil change.
Now remember, Ford, GM, Chrysler and most all BIG TRUCKS use the DEF system. The stuff is available all over Canada and the U.S. where this emission BS has been going on. It's not a new thing or unique to the Ecodiesel.
Guys there was a lot of thought and experience from Dodge on this, particularly for cold weather. The DEF tank is 8 gallons give or take a little. There is factory heating system in the DEF tank, and the DEF thaws at about the same rate as the engine warms up to running temp.

The DEF is only used for the regen
therefore the fluid is thawed by the time your exhaust temp would be anywhere near even a low level regen.

Chrysler also has heating elements in the fuel filter to prevent gelling in cold weather.

And ceramic glow plugs that are much faster to heat than traditional elements.

These rigs are not really limited by climate. If you get into consistent -30F or lower temperature you may have troubles thawing the DEF system and that is fixed like any gelled diesel, put it in a warm shop and let it thaw out. Clear the codes and go on your way.

The first 3D I ever drove it had been -25F or colder for the entire week (I am 10 minutes from the Canadian Border in Minnesota) and the truck had 10 miles on it from delivery and inspection. It hadn't ran since. The truck started with the remote start in the lot. No issue at all. And with the heating system for the fuel, it obviously works because I'm sure the new ram's don't come off the production line with straight #1 fuel and when it has a quarter tank to ship, (even if it were straight #1 the temps were close to gelling) so I trust in the system first without much question.

So 2 months later after watching and waiting for the 2016 model information considering waiting for the new production year to start. I undoubtedly ordered my LL 3D.
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Does anyone know if there is a difference between air1 def fuild and blueDef? I bought Air1 But it doesn't say adblu or bluedef on the container so I havent put it in yet.
Not sure there is a difference on the DEF as long as it's ISO 22241 certified. I bought the Peek blue DEF and I also bought the Walmart brand, the Walmart brand is half the price, less than $8 for 2.5 gallons.
I guess thats alot longer than I figured it would. My old boss's duramax seemed to drink the stuff like crazy.

Completely different setup as far as how the system uses it in the Duramax. Besides if your use your truck to haul heavy loads the exhaust will get hot enough to take care of the DPF itself.
I been using walmart brand urea - it comes in a better container - similar to the 5quart oil containers, so you no longer have to deal with the bludef cardboard box and flimsy plastic container. It costs about 8 bucks for 2.5 gallons or 16 bucks for 5 gallons.So far after 2 fill ups no issues with the truck.
21 - 27 of 27 Posts
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