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Weight Distributing Hitch

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Has anyone installed a WDH on their EcoDiesel? I grew up on a farm where we regularly towed 10k pound trailers but always used the bumper mounted hitch. Is there a significant advantage to these? What brands have you used?
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I am about to have one installed for our new travel trailer in 2 days and I will let you know. This is the one we went with and I found good reviews for. Its sway control and weight distribution.

That's the brand I was looking at as well. I'm trying to understand how any light truck manufacturer can sell a truck like this without this hitch if it's basically a necessity, which from all accounts I've read say it is.
I also tow a 14 ft enclosed 3500 lb utility trailer and it doesn't need it. Manufacturer also probably doesn't want to assume the cost of this for the I'm sure huge % of buyers that never tow anything
A WD hitch doesn't get installed on your truck. It's fits into the receiver of your existing hitch. It contains the ball and a couple of long bars that get attached to the sides of the trailer tongue.

You need a distribution hitch if your load makes the back of the truck sag. It levels the entire rig, distributes the load across both axles of the truck and the axles on your trailer more evenly. It also helps with sway.

A trailer place should be able to give you a good recommendation and will also have the hitches on site for you to see.
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You mean like this???

As just mentioned, it attaches to the trailer and then back to the head which is inside the FRAME HITCH that came with the truck. Ram installed a real nice hitch. What you add to it is your business.
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Nice, A picture is always worth a whole bunch of words.......
Going to a trailer place is best especially if you're new to it, better than going to some auto zone or walmart and picking out the bits you can find their.
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