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Well after just over 20K..problem

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This past Wednesday I was on my morning commute when I hear odd noises from my motor. I ease over into the middle lane of the interstate and loose all power. Luckily there was no one in the right hand lane so I ease it onto the shoulder and get the truck to a stop. She would not restart, so I get on the phone to the road side assistant and have my truck towed to the dealership. They are still looking into what the problem might be as of Friday. I will be bugging them again on my lunch break today. Very bummed out right now. This truck has ran wonderfully to this point.
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They finally located the problem. They had to tear the motor down, and found the crank shaft snapped and damaged the block. New block on the way. Hopefully this won't take half past forever.
Sheesh - a broken crankshaft? I'd love to find out what that's attributable to. Interesting that the crank shaft snapping would only cause "odd noises". I'd have thought that a snapped crank at highway speed would cause a rather significant destructive event, far in excess of just odd noises. Wrong oil? Pulling a 20,000 lb trailer?
So sorry to hear this, and so sorry that you have to go through this. From what I understand, their was a batch of 2014's, that were either assembled incorrectly or had substandard pieces. From what I remember by reading other threads that it's one of the bearings. So it is a problem that has been resolved, but unfortunately you got caught in that manufacturing window. I wonder if FCA has issued a TSB for that issue and for those of you during that manufacturing time. Let us know how this pans out.
Over a month now. Still waiting for parts. Gonna go after work tomorrow and have a little talk with the dealership manager. My life style revolves around having a truck and this loaner car just ain't cutting it. They either need to pester FCA to expedite the parts or replace my truck.
What is the build date of your truck? I'm wondering if we could narrow it down so we all arnt worrying over nothing if it only effects a few!

I believe it was built in May 2014. Six weeks now, and the parts are still just "expedited". I am starting to get real angry.
So this is what I heard that there are 50 motors that are coming late October early November. I was told that the tentative date for my motor to arrive is October 27.

There is no sense in getting angry, check the lemon laws of your state. If it is in for service for more than 30 consecutive days for the same problem you can lemon law it, at lest that is the way it is my state. Do a quick search for your state. Find lemon law lawyer, they don't cost anything because they will charge FCA.

Mine has been in for 30+ days already. They are doing everything they can to make me happy and so far I'm ok with it. I will only lose my mind if when I get my truck back they don't put everything back to together correctly and I start having issues again. Then I will Lemon Law it, in my state I have a 5 year window to make up my mind. I have full faith in the service Tech that is working on my truck. A valve stem broke off on my motor, and the service tech said he think this is a casting quality casting issue. Mine was also built in May 14.

Also, remember that these motors are new and there is no sock of back-up motors on hand yet. And the only place they build them in is Italy at the VM Motori plant.
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