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What are you using for a cap/canopy?

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I had a Leer on my old Dodge 2500. Nice cap and it had a built in gun storage on the ceiling that locked.

I looked today at a SnugTop and ARE. I want the pop out side windows to get gear in/out. ARE also has a "tilt-down" rear window to clean between the cab and cap (nice feature).

SnugTop has the rear window trim to match the curved out tailgate on the RAM.

What are you using? Any quality or comments on either of these caps?
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Thanks John. Interesting, the shop I went to carries both Leer and SnugTop, in fact it is where I got my Leer on my old Dodge. But the sales guy specifically pointed out that the SnugTop matched the tailgate but the Leer did not and was straight across. Strange. Thanks for pointing out that yours fits the curved tailgate.

I also see that Leer now has a pull down ceiling locker. I'll have to check that out. I used the gun storage in my old Leer, but was disappointed that it was not larger (it was too short for a shotgun for example). There is plenty of room up there for a larger storage compartment.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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