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What are you using for a cap/canopy?

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I had a Leer on my old Dodge 2500. Nice cap and it had a built in gun storage on the ceiling that locked.

I looked today at a SnugTop and ARE. I want the pop out side windows to get gear in/out. ARE also has a "tilt-down" rear window to clean between the cab and cap (nice feature).

SnugTop has the rear window trim to match the curved out tailgate on the RAM.

What are you using? Any quality or comments on either of these caps?
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I'm up in Canada, and bought a beautiful Raider Vegabond canopy for my 2015 ED 6'4" box - fits the tailgate perfectly. I THINK that Raider is equivalent to Leer, but I'm not sure. But it is awesome, and you can get all sorts of accessories. Mine has pet screens, a Thule rack on top, and an auto-lock...
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