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What are you using for a cap/canopy?

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I had a Leer on my old Dodge 2500. Nice cap and it had a built in gun storage on the ceiling that locked.

I looked today at a SnugTop and ARE. I want the pop out side windows to get gear in/out. ARE also has a "tilt-down" rear window to clean between the cab and cap (nice feature).

SnugTop has the rear window trim to match the curved out tailgate on the RAM.

What are you using? Any quality or comments on either of these caps?
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I just ordered a Leer 100XR with removable sliding front window, remote locking, 12v hub, sliding side windows and carpeted headliner for my new Ram 1500. I considered the ARE but the tilt down or fold down front window was not acceptable to me. I want to be able to remove the front window, not just fold it down where it would be in the way.

SnugTop, ARE and Leer all have the rear window bottom trim to match over the curved out tailgate on the RAM.. The Leer is fiberglass painted to match, the ARE is black plastic or ABS. I don't know about the SnugTop as I did not look at or consider that brand because it cost more than ARE or Leer.

I also have a Leer on my 2006 Ford F350 Crew Cab and have been very satisfied.
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The sales guy was a bit careless with the truth. He's correct, some Leer models are straight across and do not match/cover the tailgate but not all are that way.
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