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What does 2015 have to offer?

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Based on information I have gathered from this forum, the Ram 1500 will get a minor facelift and a split tailgate option. Has anyone heard rumor of what else might be "new" in 2015? I hope the minor, depends on who you are, issues with the EcoDiesel will be resolved.

I'm new to Ram and trucks in general. (My last truck was a Z71 back in 1998.) From your various experiences, how well does Ram provide customer support and fix "discovered" issues?

Thanks for the info! Can't wait to get out of my car and into a diesel truck!
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No real "issues" have surfaced on the 2014's. Sure you can read around forums and find a variety of things. My take is everything made my man will break something sometime. Nothing much is re-occurring. The most I read of were the occasional sensor issue, loose EGR plumbing, one turbo, a loose oil drain plug,some engine control modules, my washer pump and a bunch of things called "Harry". There are NO engine issues I ever read about. None.

Failures are most always in the various electronic gee gaws that make the new vehicles operate. When a navigation or radio module messes up, don't blame the truck. Blame the society that wants such video game stuff in a transportation/work vehicle.
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