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what is an oil change costing you?

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curious what to expect to pay?
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I had and oil change done at the dealer and they used a straight 5W-30. Did Ram update what oil you can use or do I need to be concerned and contact the dealer.
If by "straight" you mean non-synthetic then you need to call your dealership and have them flatbed your truck in for a flush and fill with the correct stuff.

From the 2015 diesel supplement

"Only use ACEAC3 SAE 5W-30 Synthetic Low Ash engine
oil meeting Chrysler material standard MS-11106 or
Pennzoil Ultra Euro L full synthetic 5W-30 motor oil"
No one locally sells any brand of oil that meets Chrysler's specifications. The one exception is the local Dodge Dealer who sells the Pennzoil for $11.13 per quart and only sells quarts. I would really like to find gallon containers - any suggestions?

Amazon has it.
Just found a Kendall supplier in Hamilton, Ontario Canada.

March / April 2016 - special right now for Ecodiesels. $93.25 for 12 quarts of GT-1 Full Synthetic Euro 5W30, with a Valvoline V0-142 Filter! Valvoline now makes oil filters for the Ecodiesel. Kendall meets the specs MS-11106 and ACEA-C3

Best deal I've seen in Ontario for this gold!

Crescent Oil is the name of the place in Hamilton.

Monthly Specials | Crescent Oil Co.
hey guys i visited this place i saw on kijijiji for my ecodiesel oil change it fast and cost me $189 plus tax.
I didnt even needed a appointment.

DODGE RAM ECO DIESEL OIL CHANGE $189, MOBIL 1 LUBE EXPRESS | other | City of Toronto | Kijiji
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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