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Where Am I?

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This place is so different. Thought I got lost. Been in Georgia working at my hunting camp.

Pulled a smaller trailer with quad in it 400 miles north on I 75 at 75 mph. 22 mpg pulling 1/2- 3/4 ton. No wind resistance to speak of. Pulled my tractor with this 24 ft. (you can't see it all in this picture) trailer. Sometimes I had brush hog, 8 ft. 20-disc harrow, and other stuff on. Not sure of the weight. Had to just watch the EVIC that showed about 15 mpg while towing.

Lots of differences on this site. This the right place?
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Ha-ha, yea, new look all the way 'round. I would take some time to play around with the new features, I haven’t added anything yet, but check out the "garage" feature, adds a little more personalization.
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Now that's an awesome shot.
How much does that tractor weigh in around?
Ten, Laying down the consumer research one tow at a time ;):D
Funny all.

Do not know what it weighs. It's a Ford 2000 series 36 hp diesel. I keep it in Georgia and that's where the book for it is. What is also heavy is that huge harrow and brush hog. I have had all three on the trailer at once but did not on this trip.

My main hunting area is about 5 miles from where my camp is as the crow flies. Unfortunately, I have to drive around about to get there and mostly load up the tractor each day and bring it back with me.

Also hunt and use the tractor right around my camp. It's mostly short shooting there whereas I often get shots (and make them) over 600 yards in the other area.

Here is a friend, Danny, learning to run the tractor this past week. He is a giant, retired football lineman and makes a tractor look small.

Another thing ... I do not have any weight distribution bars on this trailer. Timbren bumper stops are on the truck and I literally see no sag or bouncing after the first inch of sag and then Timbren's take over.
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10, that looks like a lot of weight, I would expect lower mileage. I'm inpressed that it pulled that good.

You certainly go at the hunt in a big way. Good luck this season.
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