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Who's Got Em, Lets See Em

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I know some of you are starting to get your EcoDiesels in, lets see em, lets hear em, what do you think...
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Not quite. Just a little longer.... Next week. April 2nd.
How do you guys get the delivery dates? Do you call the dealer or do you place a call to Chrysler?
Your dealer can pull a sheet with all the info to include an estimated delivery.
Thanks for the info. I haven't talked to my sales guy since I ordered the truck. It'll give me a good reason to call.
No those dates are old. I was just showing what the sheet looks like so people know what the dealer can pull. My truck is actually on a train as we speak. It didn't ship until the 22nd.
Seems to be an awful lot of trucks in shipment. Are we sure they're not being diverted to some middle east country?
I was evidently wrong. I thought all the new trucks came with the dual tail pipes. I learnt something new today.

any reviews from the owners? anyone here get one yet?
Ah....no. It was shipped 10 days ago, but no word yet.
Well! There it is. Sharp looking truck.
Ramadrod, are those 17's or 20" wheels?
I wish they would have put one of those "ecodiesel" badges on the tailgate. It would be nice to advertise what ya got. lol
good show @romadrod! thanks for the pics, looking real clean mate :D Really, REALLY curious about driving impressions and whatnots. Unfortunately none of the local dealers will have one available for tests for at least a month...

@sparks I agree on the tailgate badging, might have to be a future DIY ;)
Yup. I did it on my '98 Chevy 1500 diesel. I liked the graphic.
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Look'n good!
I don't think they allow window tint that dark around these parts. I'd go for it if I could.
Looks awesome, Scuba! Looks like your truck was just unloaded. It's the dirtiest truck I've every seen. :)
1 - 13 of 62 Posts
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