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Who's Got Em, Lets See Em

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I know some of you are starting to get your EcoDiesels in, lets see em, lets hear em, what do you think...
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Sparks this is what the sheet looks like.

Thanks for posting this, it's great to see this list, should be of some help to others.
Thats what I noticed too, seems like it will be just a matter of time till we see them showing up here.
that silver looks awesome, seems like there's no orange peel from these pictures, paint quality seem good.
real badge > sticker. got to love how real badges look over stickers!
Amazing, love how it looks tinted, at this stage I would be tempted to black out the chrome part of the mirror just to have that whole side profile black
Can't wait to see these new 1500 Diesel's rolling in on here in the masses :D
1 - 7 of 62 Posts
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