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Who's Got Em, Lets See Em

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I know some of you are starting to get your EcoDiesels in, lets see em, lets hear em, what do you think...
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Sparks this is what the sheet looks like.

Yours is on their lot? not for anything a but it cant take a whole week to PDI your rig... or is there a delivery embargo from up top at RAM?
I like it much better without the dual tips. How does one go about getting that, is it a trim level thing??
good show @romadrod! thanks for the pics, looking real clean mate :D Really, REALLY curious about driving impressions and whatnots. Unfortunately none of the local dealers will have one available for tests for at least a month...

@sparks I agree on the tailgate badging, might have to be a future DIY ;)
Every time I try to post a pic it says error wrong file type. Jpeg? I can email my pics to someone if they want to post for me.
how are you trying to post RAM MAN? Using the paper clip attachment or the mountain picture button?

Using the paperclip attachment button for uploading files from the PC disk directly and use the mountain button if you have the picture hosted at flicker or photobucket or something.

In fact thats what I would recommend, load them to a flicker or photobucket, free and easy to sign up, then you can just right click, copy img URL and boom, insert with the mountain button...
what a shysty little fuel cap!

Im surprised theres no lanyard or whatever just pops off like a bottle top... is there a place to put it when re fueling?
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1 - 6 of 62 Posts
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