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Why EcoDiesel, Why Now?

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This is a question for you. I'm curious why you want the Ecodiesel and why you want it now.

Is it because you like owning and operating a pickup truck but fuel costs were beginning to strangle you?

Is it because you prefer diesel but dont want the fuel munching and wallet annihilating HD's?

Is it for work? Diesel drops off less in efficiency than petrol when doing work.

Is it brand based?

Anything missed? I'm just wondering what circumstances brought us all together...
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For me it came down to one thing. MPG.

Had a silverado that I loved. Drove it 35,000 miles per year all over the great Northwest (which means a lot of gravel, mountain roads, dirt, etc.) But mainly only tow a fishing raft (light) so towing capacity is not important to me.

But the gas usage and guilt I was feeling by driving that many miles a year with just me and my dog averaging 13 MPG was too much. Sold the truck and bought a AWD Volvo that I have pretty much hated since day one. But got my MPG up to 25.

Now I can have my cake (truck) and eat it too. (MPG)

I never thought I would ever purchase a Ram truck. I looked at Silverado and Toyota and quickly realized that although Toyota's have a very strong loyality and resale in the NW, they haven't been redesigned significantly for 12 years. If they had issued a US version of their Hilux Diesel I would have bought that for sure. And while the new Silverado is close in MPG, I got more and more excited about the RAM truck as a whole as I did my research.

I am fully expecting to be a converted RAM guy for life.

Fingers Crossed
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