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Why EcoDiesel, Why Now?

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This is a question for you. I'm curious why you want the Ecodiesel and why you want it now.

Is it because you like owning and operating a pickup truck but fuel costs were beginning to strangle you?

Is it because you prefer diesel but dont want the fuel munching and wallet annihilating HD's?

Is it for work? Diesel drops off less in efficiency than petrol when doing work.

Is it brand based?

Anything missed? I'm just wondering what circumstances brought us all together...
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For me, I have been wanting a diesel primarily due to being tired of getting 10-12 mpg loaded when towing, and 15 mpg empty. Of course, having the extra torque would be sweet too. Also, I would like a manual transmission if I could get one. But, I have some concerns too....

As far as reliability and durability, for a LD truck I really don't think a diesel is more durable or more reliable than gas. I'm also not convinced that it is economically advantageous to go diesel in the long run, once everything is factored in (fuel savings, maintenance costs, repair costs, insurance costs, etc.). I've done a ton of "what-if" calculations, and it's really hard to justify getting a diesel based solely on economic factors.

To get a new truck with a manual pretty much means you have to get a 2500/3500 Ram 6.7L, and I don't think a HD pickup will get mileage significantly better than what I get now, and diesel costs more, so it becomes a wash at best. So, really, what good reason do I have to take on a $40,000 new truck payment? I'm not towing more than my current truck can tow. If I want a manual, I have no choices (not that a Ram would be a bad "choice"). And none of the 1/2 ton trucks are available with a manual anyway,.

I suppose deep down, it's just the "new truck" itch. After all, I've had my current truck 9 years now. So, if I'm going to get a new truck, it might as well be a diesel, right? So now, for me, my decision is on whether or not I want a new truck badly enough to take on having payments again. :eek:
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