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Windshield Washer

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Dealer said my screen was clogged. Did not know there was a screen. Dealer removed and cleaned it. All is fine.

Point being something clogged the screen. One time I put some fluid in. It was NOT the blue stuff but not that RainX either. RainX has a reputation of coating things in the fluid bottle and plugging things up. I did notice a deposit on the bottle of the stuff I used. Just maybe I caused the problem.

Threw that stuff out. Will only use the blue stuff. Maybe you should too?
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I'd rather clean a screen than try to get junk out of those little washer nozzles. Thanks for the tip on making sure you use clean fluid. I'm sure that's the last thing some of us are thinking of when trying to get fluid to pour into that little bottle with freezing cold wind trying to splash it all over the place.
Part of the problem is most washer fluids sold in Florida do NOT have any freeze protection. Put that stuff in and head north to trouble. I may hae gotten into that at the hunting camp in Georgia in January.

Surprised it did not freeze and break.
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