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Just cant figure them critters out sometimes. Nagged, complained and out right cried trying to get me to change my mind about a new truck. Now that we have it home guess who is calling all her sisters bragging about the new truck, talking about how nice it is, playing with all the gadgets, asking to have me drive her around in it and otherwise acting like a kid in a candy store.
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My first wife taught me that if you try long enough to figure out a crazy person, it will make you crazy. Just let it be. My current (4th) wife had the same reaction to my ED. Hated that I traded a nearly new truck for a new truck. However, I got mashed up on an ATV in UT last week and she drove the ED back to KS with me in the passenger side enjoying some wonderful narcotics (that's the only way I can stand to ride with her). Bad news is, she fell in love with my truck by the time we got home. Now I have to hide the fob.
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