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Test drove a quad cab Big Horn yesterday with 20" tires I believe. Beautiful truck but my needs are geared towards a Tradesman quadcab with stock 17" wheels. My question or statement is the truck seemed to wobble some at slower speeds. May be my imagination coming from a 1 ton dually. Am I imagining this or has anyone else noticed a wobble? Didn't buy the truck but will get a '15. Thanks.

San Diego
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Having said that I came from 1/2 million miles on three 3/4 ton diesels. It is an adjustment. This little 1500 seems so flimsy and rides with much less "regal aplomb" than the bigger pickups.

There may have been an issue with what you test rode. My take is it's an issue with your expectations and experience. After 9,000 miles on my Eco, I still am getting used to the way it deals with the road. That is especially true during rains.

Mine is a Tradesman, quad cab, 4 x 4 with 17's and many options. It is growing on me with it's own personality. There is no inherent wobble. It's just different.
Thanks for your input.
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