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Worst truck I have ever owned

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Purchased truck in the first of 2015. July 2016 towing a 29 foot camper going camping for first time the engine blew 5 hours from home. Less than 26,000 miles. FCA would not loan us a vehicle to tow our camper home. The dealership we were at gave us their personal 3/4 ton plow truck to bring our camper home. It took almost a month to get the truck back. When I picked the truck up I got 12 miles and check engine light came on. Took it back and found a coolant leak and oxygen sensor bad. Left when dealership closed got 100 miles and check engine light came on. Continued home for another 3 hours took to home dealership. They couldn't figure out what the problem was. Got the truck back with check engine light on. Brother in law passed away in Michigan. Headed to Michigan got just into Indiana truck went into lymph mode and had to be towed again. Got call 4 days later that truck was fixed found numerous problems but did a 45 mile test and all is ok. Picked up truck drove 5 miles went into lymph mode. Towed again to another dealership. Got a call just over a week later that found problems and was fixed. Over 3 hours away. Had FCA tow to nearest dealership from me. Picked truck a couple days later drove 14 miles and it went down again. Took back to dealership they had it over a week said it was fixed they were going to deliver to me but called back and said truck broke down in their driveway. They found problems and went to deliver again and it broke down on their way back to deliver. They kept the truck another couple weeks and replaced a bunch of stuff and finally delivered it. I had it for about 3 weeks and I got a check engine light with a chattering sound and engine exhaust in the cab. You got it. Back to the dealership. Check engine light was found and repaired. I was told it was normal to have diesel exhaust in the cab and they can not do anything else about it. Took the truck to 2 different dealerships in area they looked up the VIN and told me they did not want their name associated with this truck. By the way I have filed a Federal lemon law suit. I think this truck wants to stay at a dealership. Now, nobody wants it. Including me. I have owned 7 Ram trucks and will not ever own another.
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On Tues., May 23, the US Government sued FCA for emission fraud relating to 2014-16 Ram 1500 (EcoDiesel V6) trucks. We are investigating this claim. If anyone has one of these vehicles, we would be interested in talking with them. This is a communication regarding the availability of professional employment by our law firm, MLG Automotive Law, APLC, Jonathan Michaels, Esq., 949.581.6900
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